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#1 HIV/AIDS New Release at Amazon

A Top 50 LGBT Poetry Book at Amazon

It's finally here!
My debut poetry collection. 

This book took me 20 years to write.

It's yours for only $1 per year of writing.

Featuring "Habits of Creature," chosen by Kaveh Akbar to win the 2021 Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry from New Letters, &
"Indelible in the Hippocampus," nominated for a 2021 Pushcart Prize by The Worcester Review.

cover art copyright 2021
and used with permission
from artist Loui Jover
@louijover Instagram



In Mind Lit in Neon, RJ Lambert imagines a world where mother, father, and brother mingle with Camus and Borges and Stein, Nancy Reagan and Whitney Houston. Let the revelations come as they may, this world is alive to itself and moving to the music Lambert paints: all our days and nights: the siren of an ambulance, the first robin, a morning’s breeze—so many sounds vivid against the skin.

Mary Ann Samyn

author of eight poetry books
Air, Light, Dust, Shadow, Distance


The wind blows through these poems, as if through a sax or a bassoon—the limitless delights of nature activating the narrowest corridors of human invention to produce strange and melancholic melodies.  With grace, grit, wit, and winsomeness, Lambert forms out of the quiet atoms of verse a fierce and lively hand. That hand, I’m pleased to report, plays unforgettable music. 

Justin Jannise

former editor of Gulf Coast
& author of 
How To Be Better By Being Worse

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